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Interbank fund transfer
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Not only TRANSFER but also MESSAGE


  • Fast, time-saving, available at any time and anywhere, 24/7 (even out of banking hours)
  • You can easily make the payment transaction without coming to our bank
  • Recipient can receive funds within 24 hours.
  • You can manage your payment transactions in a flexible way.
  • Your financial information and transactions are protected by a security system


With our internetBanking - Interbank Transfer, you can easily: 
  • This service enables you to transfer funds from your account with Sacombank to the recipient’s account with another bank in Vietnam.
  • You can make a full transaction online
  • You can select the receiving bank at the recipient’s convenience.
  • The recipient can receive money by either transfer into his/her account or in cash upon presentation of ID card or passport

How to apply


  • You (as remitter) already have current account with Sacombank 
  • You have registered for Sacombank Internet Banking


  1. Open customer code  (in case of new customer at Sacombank)
  2. Register for  internetBanking at any branch of Sacombank over the country
  3. Present your ID card or Passport (original)
  • No registration fee for Internet Banking
  • Free of annual fee for 2012 (if registered in 2012)
  • Please click here to read our “Favourable Fee Schedule”
Apply now to enjoy our favourable program for Sacombank InternetBanking.

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