Giu tai lieu.gif In the aim of providing customers with as many as modern services, Sacombank is maximizing its services and products basing on its own safe infrastructure
TruongHaiAuto.gifSacombank and Truong Hai sign strategic synergy contract and automobile loan contract. According to the contracts Sacombank will become a strategic shareholder of Truong Hai
cnDL.jpg The measure was dragged lower by Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint-Stock Bank and Corp. for Financing & Promoting Technology, or FPT, the second- and third-biggest companies by market value
WU.gifCommercial joint stock banks in Ho Chi Minh City have fared well over the past nine months. The banks have made up 43.42 percent of the total capital funneled into banks
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Updated at 15:11, 25/11/2014
Foreign Currency Cash Bid Rate Offer Rate
USD 21,350 21,370 21,400
AUD 18,185 18,218 18,492
CAD 18,781 18,856 19,019
CHF 21,822 21,945 22,245
Currency: VND
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Updated at 15:11, 25/11/2014
Gold Buying Selling
XBJ 3,530,000 3,540,000
XAU 3,530,000 3,540,000
Currency: VND
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