Sacombank Finance Leasing Co (Sacombank SBL) announced that the company signed 278 contracts up to June 30, with total asset value of about 525 billion dong and committed outstanding loans of over 693 billion dong.

Commercial banks will be allowed to use government-issued dollar-denominated bonds as collateral when borrowing from the central bank.  The State Bank of Vietnam decided to allow lenders to use the debt as a "mortgage asset," according to a statement posted on the website of the Hanoi Securities Trading Centre Friday, where the bond auctions are held. The State Treasury raised US$100 million by selling one-year dollar bonds Friday, in the first of three domestic sales this month.

Sacombank Securities Co., Ltd  (Sacombank-SBS) and Sacombank Jewelry Co., Ltd (Sacombank-SBJ) co-operated to open gold trading floors on 8 Sacombank-SBS office branches all over the country. After operating, besides proving securities trading services, gold trading agent at Sacombank-SBS is also able to provide similar services as Sacombank-SBJ such as: open account, buy/sell order and cancel. Within Sacombank-SBJ’s trading system, gold trading agent at Sacombank-SBS applies continuous automatic matching system in order to maximize customer’s investment outcome

Amidst the current market context, the pressure of lending interest rates is still the major barrier for consumer credit. Credit growth target of banks this year is considered to be fairly hot so banks are promoting their credit activities. In addition to the government-subsidised lending activities, banks place high expectations on personal credit growth when being allowed to apply the negotiated lending interest rate mechanism and input cost has already been cheaper

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Foreign Currency Cash Bid Rate Offer Rate
USD 21,510 21,530 21,600
AUD 16,247 16,277 16,459
CAD 16,839 16,906 17,041
CHF 21,887 22,010 22,309
Currency: VND
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Updated at 15:49, 01/04/2015
Gold Buying Selling
XBJ 3,000,000 3,200,000
XAU 3,512,000 3,522,000
Currency: VND
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