On September 1st 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, Sacombank Securities Company (Sacombamk-SBS) held an official introduction of “Sacombank-SBS’s Investment Banking business” at Legend Hotel with the attendance and witness of representatives from securities authorities, financial institutions and the press. With this event, Sacombank-SBS is the first securities company in Vietnam announcing its business orientation towards Investment Banking model and at the same time playing significant role as “an investment gateway” for the both domestic and regional capital markets.
Vietnamese banks need to make further efforts to exploit all advantages available to develop in the face of severe competition from foreign banks, analysts say.
Sacombank Finance Leasing Co (Sacombank SBL) announced that the company signed 278 contracts up to June 30, with total asset value of about 525 billion dong and committed outstanding loans of over 693 billion dong.
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Foreign Currency Cash Bid Rate Offer Rate
USD 21,150 21,170 21,230
AUD 19,067 19,102 19,377
CAD 19,153 19,230 19,399
CHF 22,438 22,564 22,883
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Gold Buying Selling
SJC 3.605.000 3.615.000
SBJ 3.605.000 3.615.000
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