We would like to invite you to the 2009 Annual General Meeting. 
From 25th January 2010, Sacombank officially connected to two alliances Banknetvn & Smartlink.
In 2009, Vietnam had to counter many challenges and difficulties because of the global financial crisis and economic downturn, but thanks to the flexible and suitable policies, Vietnam has reached the twin growth in terms of GDP and inflation. Especially, the banking sector has overcome the crisis with good performance, according to domestic and foreign specialists.
As at 30 November 2009, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Sacombank) exceeded its annual pre-tax profit target at VND 1,658 billion by 4%, after deducting credit provisions and financial reserves in 11 months.
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Foreign Currency Cash Bid Rate Offer Rate
USD 21,300 21,320 21,380
AUD 16,485 16,514 16,775
CAD 16,957 17,025 17,155
CHF 21,550 21,671 22,069
Currency: VND
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Updated at 14:46, 06/03/2015
Gold Buying Selling
XBJ 3,100,000 3,250,000
XAU 3,528,000 3,538,000
Currency: VND
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